World's Strongest Gravity Case for iPhone

New NanoSuction Technology

There's nothing more frustrating then wanting to take a good picture of yourself but there's nowhere good to put your phone. So do you ask a stranger to take a picture of you? ABSOLUTELY NOT! With our new NanoSuction Technology your phone case will stick to any surface you could ever imagine. 


Our new NanoSuction Technology is proven to hold longer than any other Suction Tech. Since we don't use any sticky adhesives, you can simply wash the case off if any dust particles cling to the surface, providing a theoretical infinite amount of time of usage. 

Stop Sticking?

Try adding a little bit of water to the back of the case and you should be back to sticking in no time.

Stick to any surface!

As long as the surface is flat, and strong your NanoCase will be able to stick to it! A list of the best surfaces for sticking to is in the catalog of pictures above. 


Our cases are built to be washed, making it so that you can have a better grip on surfaces when dust particles begin to build up.

Non Slip

Our Nanotechnology not only makes our cases stick to most surfaces, it also doesn't stick to your fingers and make holding it uncomfortable.