Privacy Phone Case


The #1 Phone Case For Privacy

✅ Engineered for ultimate mobile device protection

✅ Super slim frame design made of impact-proof high grade aluminum

✅ Powerful magnets hold the case closed all day, every day

No More Screen Peekers

The Privacy Case stops anyone from seeing your phone screen (other than you.)

Made with light filtration privacy film, this case is 100% anti-peek.

The Privacy Case is a brand new iPhone case with anti-peeking technology.

Nobody other than you can see your screen because of a light reflecting material built into the front of the case.

All you have to do is slip your phone into the Privacy Case and close the front (powerful magnets will keep the case sealed as long as you want). 


Powerful magnets keep the case held tightly together


Reflective materials in the case stop ANYONE (other than you) from peeking at your screen


The Privacy Case doesn't just keep your screen 100% private... it protects your phone


Browse comfortably knowing nobody can see your screen

The Perfect Case To Keep Your Screen 100% Private!

Additional Benefits:

- Drop tested & certified

- Lightweight & highly durable

- Constructed from military -grade materials

- Extra-strength magnetic locks keep the case closed

- Anti-microbial coating

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